In Days Of Yore

Cast: Tycho, Old Woman

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{An old woman dressed up in festive holiday clothing is on her phone.}
Tycho: Tech Support.
Old Woman: I can't print.
Tycho: We see that problem a lot this time of year. Do you have lights up?
Old Woman: Well... some.

Panel 2

{The old woman is piling everything into her trash can, looking dismayed.}
Tycho: The bulbs are on the same frequency as the printer. Also, festive hats generate static electricity. Snowglobes are out. Tinsel is out. Gingerbread Houses, sugar coookies... anything with frosting has to go. All that stuff needs to be burned.
Old Woman: Is that everything?
Tycho: Almost, ma'am. One last thing.

Panel 3

{Tycho, looking very satisfied, is reclining with his hands behind his head, talking to the old woman on his headset.}
Tycho: Merry Christmas.

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