Cast: Employee ("Black"), Employee, Boss, Drummer

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Panel 1

{Black and the Employee are sat at the other side of the desk to the Boss. A covered item is on the desk.}
Boss: Now, we've had to scale back our plans for Freelancer somewhat - but what we've got has a lot of us here at Digital Anvil really excited. We had to lose the space combat, as well as the space, and much of the combat.

Panel 2

{The boss unveils the item, which is wood.}
Boss: Gentlemen, I give you Freelancer, Two Point, uh, Wood. We think the mod community will really help shape it.
Black: That's because it's just wood! Wood, for God's sake!
Boss: Now, don't be too hasty.

Panel 3

{Panels pans over to the Boss and a drummer doing the "ba-dum pshhh" theme.}
Boss: We haven't reached the critical varnish phase - that's when it'll really shine.

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