Rainbow Sux

Cast: Rainbow Six Operative x3

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Three Rainbow Ops are standing by each other, discussing amongst themselves.}
R6 Operative One: Can you hear him?
R6 Operative Two: I can hear him. You can't hear him?
R6 Operative One: What's he saying?
R6 Operative Two: He says he can't hear you.

Panel 2

{Operative Three raises his arms, yelling with mute.}
R6 Operative One: Tell him I can't hear him either.
R6 Operative Two: He can't hear you either.
R6 Operative One: Okay, what did he say?

Panel 3

{Operative One gets shot in the head, with an audible "BLAM".}
R6 Operative Two: Uh...
R6 Operative Two: "Sniper."

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