Cast: James Marsden, Kelsey Grammer

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Panel 1

{James and Kelsey, dressed as Cyclops and Beast, are stood facing each other.}
James: Wow. Frasier. It's a real honor to be working with you.
Kelsey: Not Frasier. My name's actually Kelsey, but right now I'm in character. I'm trying to do my Beast thing.

Panel 2

{James nudges Kelsey with his elbow.}
James: Oh shit, right. Sorry. That was... That was amateur. That was amateur level.
Kelsey: That's fine. Let's just do the scene. You know? Let's get it done.
James: Alright... Doctor Crane. Heh heh heh!

Panel 3

{James stops nudging. Kelsey raises his hand slightly.}
Kelsey: Is this going to be a problem, going forward?
James: I'm focused. I'm focused. Is Niles really your brother? In real life?
Kelsey: No.
James: Because you guys look exactly the same.

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