As It Happens, With Randy Pinkwood

Cast: Randy Pinkwood, Robot Cowboy Angel

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Randy is presenting the news with "Randy Pinkwood" written at the bottom. A picture of Mars with a question mark on it is in the background.}
Randy: In entertainment news, it was revealed today that the Doom movie does not take place on Mars, and features no hell demons. When asked for comment, script author David Callahan made the sound of a Choo-Choo Train, suggesting that all present quote "Get Aboard."

Panel 2

{Scene change. A Robot Cowboy Angel is tipping his hat slightly.}
Randy: {voice-over} In other news, look out for the Metroid movie, about a rowdy team of baseball players who discover the true meaning of Christmas from a robot cowboy angel.

Panel 3

{Back to Randy. The picture is now a four star rating with "...stunning..." written below. Randy is straightening his tie.}
Randy: Also, critics are giving my penis "Four Stars." Debbie in the mailroom calls it a "thrilling ride," with a "surprise ending" that will leave you breathless.

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