The Crisis

Cast: Bob, Man

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Panel 1

{A partial view of a monitor showing a news article: Barack Obama: Zune Owner.}
Man: We've got to get out ahead of this, Bob.

Panel 2

{A view of Bob and Man as they are reading the article on the monitor.}
Bob: Really? Is it that bad?
Man: It's fucking apocalyptic. A President who owns a Zune won't have the moral authority to govern.

Panel 3

{Man is now behind a podium giving a press conference.}
Man: We've prepared a statement.
Man: "The Office of the President-Elect repudiates the spurious and unsubstantiated rumor that Mr. Obama owns a stupid Zune, which is for total dorks. The President-Elect is never without his iPod, which he uses to listen to The Killers, Coldplay, and other bands you like."

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