Div (full name Divx) is a house-hold appliance that has managed to get itself arms, legs and a mouth. He is able to get the better of Johnathan Gabriel in arguments and insults, making him a very powerful force in the Penny Arcade comic.

Appearance Edit

Div is an old DIVX player that has sprouted itself arms, legs, eyes and a mouth, presumably as a side effect of the horrendous magicks that created the DIVX discs. Div is gray, flat, and usually surly.

History Edit

Div is a machine of liquor and sexual intercourse, and not much else. His drinking problem outstrips Tycho's by a long shot - while shopping for groceries, the only things that Div could think of that he needed were "condoms and rum". At one point, he may have had sex with Gabe's Playstation 2, a prospect that disturbed Gabe greatly.

Div spends most of his time drunk. His hobbies, aside from drinking and copulating, seem to revolve around insulting his housemates, planning world domination with the cat, and questioning Gabe's sexuality.

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