Elliot Brahe with his first 3DS...

Elliot Brahe is the son of Tycho Brahe and Brenna and the older brother of Ronia Brahe.




Tycho and Elliot's first "peepee" moment.

Since his infancy, Elliot has shown a strange interest in "peepees", with even his earliest words revolving around them. When the baby Elliot first questioned his peepee he then asked his father if he had a peepee, which he proudly answered by stating that he had "two peepees" which greatly amazed the young infant.


Many years later, when Elliot was old enough Tycho took him to pick out his first Halloween pumpkin with Gabe's own son Gabriel Gabriel and both children happily enjoyed their trek through the pumpkin patch while their fathers discussed the many ways of victory in Civilization 5, which involved mass murder, creating a United Nations (denied due to a hatred of hippies), go into hated space, or open a Cold Stone ice cream shop.


Elliot discovers the magic of the internet.

Now a full fledged kid, Elliot has become a Spider-Man fanboy much like Gabe and his liking for peepees is still strong. When Tycho had decided to finally allow his son to use the internet, believing that while inappropriate, should teach children the ways of the wilds just as in the times of old, Elliot then comes up to his father excitedly exclaiming that he met a man online and "he has a peepee too" which causes Tycho to go into an embarrassment and seizure-fueled rage the likes of which cannot properly be described in words.

On the day of the Nintendo 3DS' release, Tycho purchased one for little Elliot, comparing it to an ancient father's giving of a mammoth to his family. Elliot was very happy with his gift, but as Tycho read the warning on the box he noticed his son's eyes had turned black and were smoldering. He then wondered if he should have read the warning first before giving it to him.

When Tycho's PlayStation 4 arrived in the mail, he sent Elliot and his sister Ronia to bed early due to his strong eagerness to play it. Elliot complained that they hadn't had dinner yet, but Tycho told him to go to sleep and dream of food.

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