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Epic Legends of the Hierarchs: The Elemenstor Saga is a fantasy series written exclusively by Tycho Brahe. It is set in a world of Elemenstors and their dressers as they venture across the land Battal.

Wiki Project[]

The wiki project was started up by Jerry Holkins as a way to get Elemenstor fans together and fill up the timeline from information from the books and the collectible card game. It was put on Peanut Butter Wiki (or PBWiki) for fans to come and add to the universe. It is maintained to this day.


The products of the Elemenstor Saga started off with the collectible card game, which remained moderately successful, followed by the Realmmasters books. However, soon Tycho took up the offer and wrote thirteen novels based on the series, although people believe that after the third book, other authors took over. There is also a Japanese anime series, the American re-make of the anime and the life of the Author.

These have only added to the Elemenstor Saga's growing popularity, so much so that fans believe that there is a fourteenth book, entitled "The Fourteenth Manuscript". It shall be released a year and a day after the death of the author. The acts of the Dark Fourteen are strictly prohibited.

The ELotH:TES Magazine was released shortly afterwards which included advertising and other handy information about the Elemenstor Saga. Even Tycho is an avid reader of the magazine, although he can be distracted.

A book, written by L. H. Franzibald entitled The Song of the Sorcelator, is discovered by Tycho, who has deemed it a rip-off of the Elemenstor Saga.


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