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Cast: Fruit Fucker 2000, Woman

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Drink my juice. It's fucking nutritious. (TM)

Panel 1

{Fruit Fucker is having sexual intercourse with an orange. Information at top.}
Information: Make fruit your bitch - with the FRUIT FUCKER 2000. You get the
- Feed Reamer - Pulp Ejector

Panel 2

{Scene change. Fruit Fucker is holding a glass in front of his ejector shoot. Text above.}
Text: No mess - and fresh juice anytime!
Fruit Fucker: Don't move, I'm almost done.

Panel 3

{Scene change. Woman holding a glass of orange juice. Fruit Fucker stood near. Text at top.}
Text: And so very much more! 100% all-natural juices.
Fruit Fucker: Yeah, that's it. Drink it for me.
Woman: I don't think I want anymore.

Panel 4

{Fruit Fucker is stood next to the orange, which is dripping. Box at top.}
Box: The next hojillion callers will receive - absolutely free - the Goddamned Lithtech engine. Use it to make your own shitty games, based on ancient movie licenses, like Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza!
Fruit Fucker: Things aren't going to get all weird now, are they?

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