A Truly Remarkable Circumference

Cast: Hunter, Bounty

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{View of the starship as it flies through the sky at Sunset. Hunter and Bounty are off panel.}
Hunter: {off panel} Permission to speak freely, sir?
Bounty: {off panel} Of course.
Hunter: {off panel} My girlfriend, sir. She left me for a wookiee.
Bounty: {off panel} Ouch.

Panel 2

{Scene change. Hunter and Bounty are stood next to each other. Bounty is pointing upwards.}
Hunter: I mean, what's he got that I don't?
Bounty: Well, and this is just for starters, the wookiee penis is about as big around as my thigh.

Panel 3

{Bounty stops pointing and puts his hand to his chest.}
Bounty: That's something you should know, if we ever tangle with one of them - they can come at you with that thing, like a club, and if they do just watch out. In fact, one of the worst beatings I ever saw a man take was...
Hunter: Okay. I get it.
Bounty: Knocked his head clean off.

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