Rubies: Not Just For Slippers

Cast: Rakdar, Feydirwyr

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Feydirwyr and Rakdar are stood facing each other.}
Feydirwyr: Nice earrings, Rakdar of the North.
Rakdar: Hey, fuck you Feydirwyr.

Panel 2

{Rakdar leans into Feydirwyr, pointing at him.}
Rakdar: For your information, these earrings are plus ten percent to healing regeneration. I'm not going to take any shit from elves about my accessories.

Panel 3

{Rakdar straightens himself out and cracks his knuckles.}
Feydirwyr: Fair enough, fair enough. Tell you what - we're going to slay the Goblin King, maybe you could ask your husband if he'd like to go with us.

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