Welcome Back To Exaggeration Theatre

Cast: Gabe, Tycho

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Gabe is reaching into the cupboard, facing away from the audience. Tycho is stood near Gabe, with his hand raised slightly.}
Tycho: I thought I heard you playing Capcom vs. SNK EO or whatever.
Gabe: Oh, I still am.

Panel 2

{Zoom into Gabe. Gabe is pouring the cereal into a bowl. Tycho off panel.}
Gabe: I just did a fireball, actually.

Panel 3

{Zoom out. Gabe has put the cereal away and is holding the cereal and a spoon. Tycho on panel.}
Gabe: I'm just gonna grab some cereal, then I'll go back in and see if it landed.

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