For The Love Of God Please Play Our Game

Cast: Boy, Sony Online Entertainment Employee

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Boy is stood in front of the employee, who is holding Everquest II. The words "Sony Online Entertainment started by selling EQ2 in stores, much like other software."}
Employee: Fifty bucks. What do you think? I've got EQ2 here. Fifty bucks.
Boy: No thanks.

Panel 2

{The words "Nowadays, they're just giving it away." The employee is covering his eyes.}
Employee: Now, I'm just going to set this here. And if you were take it? That would be okay.
Boy: I don't know...
Employee: Just take it. I won't even look.

Panel 3

{The words "One presumes that the logical next step would be to actually pay players. The employee is giving the boy $50.}
Employee: Here's the game and fifty bucks. Just take it. Get out of here.
Boy: Do I have to play it?
Employee: You know what? I don't even care.

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