Tonight on Gold Farmers Of The Hinterlands

Cast: Rilf, Ubuygold

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Rilf and Ubuygold are stood facing each other. Rilf has his hand raised slightly. Box at the top and bottom.}
Box: My early attempts at communication with the gold farmers proved fruitless.
Ubuygold: how much u want gold
Box: What was this strange language?

Panel 2

{Rilf looks away and rubs his chin with his finger in thought. Ubuygold raises his hands in the air. Box at top and bottom.}
Box: Had they given any thought to the moral ramifications of their activities, not to mention the questionable legal territory they operate in?
Ubuygold: american dollar = gold
Box: So, no.

Panel 3

{Rilf turns around. Ubuygold lowers hands.}
Rilf: What you are doing is wrong!
Ubuygold: $50 dollar u get epic mount
Rilf: But really, who can say what is wrong or right in this new digital frontier?
Rilf: Do you accept credit cards?

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