Now With Aromax

Cast: Gamer

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Panel 1

Text: N-Air-G
Text: The Only Air 4 Gamerz!
Text: Infused with Guaranama And Balinko

Panel 2

Text: All-Natural N-Air-G Will Burn You Alive!
Text: Our patented herbal BLAST will make unused parts of your BRAIN flare WHITE HOT and then DIE giving you the edge you need to GET THAT FRAG!
Text: You'll be able to see into the FUTURE!

Panel 3

Text: Possible Side Effects
Text: Side effects may include boiling eyeballs, Do not use N-Air-G during the day or night. Do not use N-Air-G if you are pregnant, about to become pregnant, or if you are a man or woman. N-Air-G may have transformative effects such as (but not limited to): Turning Human Skin Into A Substance Similar To Beef Jerky Healthy Bones Become Paste Sizzling Or Melting, Who Sentient And Often Aggressive New lime N-Air-G is not approved for children you or older than 3 years of age. N-Air-G should not be used by adults or children interested in becoming adults.
Text: Storage
Text: Store at 25C (77F); excursions permit

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