Internalize This Deep Wisdom

Cast: Knight, Warrior, Man, Orc

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Many of you are about to hit 40, and your friends are already riding around on their exotic mounts. You're thinking it's about time to rustle up a mount of your own. But how to get that 90 gold?

Panel 1

{A knight is stood at a bus stop in a forest.}
Box: Tip one, stay the fuck away from the auction house.

Panel 2

{Warrior looks as though he's about to throw up. He is carrying the dead body of an animal.}
Box: Tip two, pick up everything - everything - and sell it.
Box: Everything.
Box: Crisp Basilisk Urethra? Pick it up. Put it in your bag. There's somebody out there who wants that.

Panel 3

{An orc has his hand on a man's shoulder.}
Box: Entertain unorthodox methods of revenue generation.
Man: Just so we're clear, are we married in the real world too, or just in Azeroth?

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