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Cast: Gabe, Tycho

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Panel 1

{Gabe is lying on his bed next to a comic book. Tycho is reading a comic book on a chair in the foreground.}
Gabe: Okay, I've got one.
Tycho: Alright... Is it bigger than a breadbox?
Gabe: Yes.
Tycho: Is it a person?
Gabe: Yes.
Tycho: Is it Batman?

Panel 2

{Gabe looks over to Tycho, who is now annoyed.}
Gabe: Shit. No. No, it's not Batman.
Tycho: You can't change it.
Gabe: I'm not. I'm not changing it.
Tycho: Then why'd you say "Shit"?
Gabe: I don't know, alright? Just... Just keep guessing.

Panel 3

{Tycho looks back at his comic book, smugly.}
Tycho: Is it Spider-Man?
Gabe: Shit!

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