Cast: Tycho, Gabe, Jojo, Bob

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Panel 1: Act One: The Stomping

{Gabe is sat playing the Playstation 2 with Tycho overlooking.}
Gabe: If shooting a man with a shotgun and then stomping on his corpse is wrong, then I don't wanna be right.

Panel 2: Act Two: Additional Stomping

{Tycho leaves.}
Gabe: {thought} Why am I still playing this? Maybe I can just tape the button down.

Panel 3

{A sign with "It's Intermission Time, Folks!" is written on the curtains. "Enjoy Jojo" is next to Jojo, who is juggling swords.}

Panel 4: Act Three: The Return

{Gabe is stood facing Bob. Gabe has his fist clenched.}
Bob: But you just bought this yesterday!
Gabe: Oh yeah? I'll buy you yesterday.
Bob: That doesn't even make sense.

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