Torment Unyielding

Cast: Alfina, Yuki, Lizard Man

Transcript Edit

Alfina: .....
Yuki: I don't know what that means. Maybe if you used words.
Alfina: {worried} What happened to your pants?
Yuki: {smiling} I don't know. A lizard man musta took 'em.
Lizard Man: I did no such thing. He's just trying to take advantage of you.
Yuki: {angrily} Don't listen to him. He's the same one who took my pants.
Alfina: ......
Yuki: He's a pant-stealer.
Alfina: {happily} Well, what I was trying to say before was that dreams are like the sun, because they are warm, and birds...
Yuki: {annoyed} Oh God.
Alfina: {blushing} And one day I hope that animals and birds and stars will be friends!
Yuki: {angrily} You know what I hope? I hope you die on the second disc.
Alfina: {crying} ......
Yuki: In a fire.

Fun Facts Edit

  • The characters from this comic come from Grandia III.

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