The Home Of The Gods, Part Two

Cast: Gabe, Tycho

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Panel 1

{A Magazine article reviewing Tychos dream arcade. The exterior of the arcade is pictured, showing a classical greek style structure.}
Text: Let The Games Begin
Text: By Shep Lovely
Text: It looks like a temple, and maybe it is.
Text: Stepping between the marble columns, I get a nod from the bouncer. I'm in. I return the efficient masculine gesture and enter my "home away from Azeroth," the OLYMPUS. I could have brought the laptop and logged in via the complimentary G, but Olympus is the sort of place one goes to be there.

Panel 2

{The next panel shows the inside of the arcade, a footnote is next to the picture.}
Text: "We don't call it an arcade," remarks Brahe from behind the bar, already making my usual. "But you could certainly cell it Arcadian."
Text: Like an electronic grove, a copse of lovingly tended arcade classics glow in the perpetual night.
Footnote: (RIGHT) LEVEL UP, The second floor mahogany bar has the libation for your consternation.

Panel 3

{More pictures with footnotes.}
Footnote: (Left) THE CORE DUO, Brahe and Gabriel hold court
Footnote: (Below) WHAT A RELIEF, Welcome to the stage of history.

Panel 4

{Tycho is sitting on the now shattered and scorched ruins of Olympus reading the magazine article. Gabe is behind him.}
Tycho: Wow. This is an incredibly positive article.
Gabe: Just so you know, I feel super bad about burning it down.

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