Les Mots Dangereux

Cast: Gabe, Tycho, Jesus

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Tycho and Gabe are looking out a window.}
Tycho: Man, it's those PS3 fanboys again. If we don't placate this crucial demographic... Something will happen!
Gabe: I've got this one. I played some flOw, and I've got the super positive review. Check this out.

Panel 2

{Gabe is leaning through the window, the mobs torches and pitchforks are visible below him.}
Gabe: "If you happen to know someone who owns a PS3, and you're over at their house anyway doing some other thing, and the Playstation is currently on and flOw is running, it wouldn't kill you to play it.
Gabe: At least, for a little while."

Panel 3

{Tycho is talking to Jesus.}
Tycho: We're gonna die, right? You're here to take us to heaven?
Jesus: I'm just here for him. You're gonna burn in hell forever.
Tycho: God dammit.
Jesus: See? It's shit like that.

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