Noah Webster, You're My Only Hope

Cast: Gabe, Brenna, Tycho

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Gabe and Brenna are standing facing each other in front of the door to Tycho's bedroom. Gabe is wearing his yellow Pac-Man t-shirt.}
Gabe: What's wrong with him now?
Brenna: He saw an ad for "Gamez N Flix" on a website and began to roar and foam at the mouth.

Panel 2

{A shot of Tycho lying in bed with a blank expression. His eyes are wide open, staring into space, his mouth slightly open with spittle running down from a corner. Both hands are clutching a hard-bound dictionary that sits on top of him. Brenna and Gabe are conversing off-panel.}
Brenna: They replaced the S with a Z, and then they ended Flicks with an X. He said the word "and" had been "castrated." It was all very extreme.
Gabe: Is he gonna be okay?

Panel 3

{Back to the initial scene. Brenna's visage expresses concern.}
Brenna: I don't know. He's completely catatonic.
Gabe: Wow. I guess we'd better get him to the vet.

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