In The House Of Boggs

Cast: Tycho, Christian Boggs, Gabe

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{An overview of the House of Boggs, located on a mountain.}
Tycho: We're having a hard time making a comic that is worth twenty thousand dollars.

Panel 2

{Inside, Christian is sat to the left on a chair. Gabe and Tycho are sat opposite. Gabe is eating a chicken.}
Tycho: And we think it would really help the, you know... creative process... If you got us a Lexus.
Gabe: {eating} God uth both a Legthuth.
Tycho: Yes, Lexuses. Lexii. Buy us some cars.

Panel 3

{Gabe and Tycho smile beseechingly.}

Fun Facts Edit

  • This comic was drawn after the Child's Play 2005 dinner, when Christian bought an appearance in a Penny Arcade comic for $20,000.

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