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Cast: Gamer, Hottie

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Panel 1

{A blond gamer wearing a black shirt is standing in a nondescript room holding a plate with crumbs on top and an empty glass. He is in the midst of unleashing a belch.}
Caption 1: Capcom recommends "making a sandwich" and "drinking a soda" while Devil May Cry's interminable install procedure commences. Well, now you've done that. And you still have an eternity.
Caption 2: Let Penny Arcade help you invest this time wisely.

Panel 2

{The gamer and a brunette hottie are at a table in a different room, looking each other in the eyes. The hottie's expression suggests that she is smitten.}
Caption 1: You could learn Sanskrit.
Gamer: अज सिंह
Caption 2: Bitches love Sanskrit.

Panel 3

{Gamer is back in the original house, holding a disc with an uncertain look on his face. There is a white XBox 360 sitting on top of a black PS3 on a table nearby.}
Caption 1: You could also just start playing it on the 360.
Caption 2: Immediately.
Caption 3: Like, as soon as you put in the disc.

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