Epic Conquests

Cast: Gabe, Fan, Tycho

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{A fan with an "I Roll 20's" t-shirt is stood in front of Gabe and Tycho.}
Fan: So then my level 27 Elemenstor made manifest a stone wall in cube formation, but the top was only a million of thick and it was able to plunge him like with a plunger. At which point I cast Dragon Fist power armor, plus five against water elements but he didn't even know. And then he's all like "shut up!" and I was nuh-uh, "Ice Wand!" and then I fires ice magic for 18 against his dragon who didn't even have his shield up. He got all mad and pulled out Dagon's 8th Sword Of Power Against Wood, which is clearly not what you do when you're up against a level 27 High Dark Elemenstor with Claygon's 18th level Intransigent Ring Of Controlling. So we're defending the castle...

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