The Most Recent Catastrophe

Cast: Reporter, Woman

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{A channel 6 Milwaukee reporter is broadcasting from a newsroom.}
Reporter: Children die all the time. Where's your kid right now? Do you see him? Maybe he's dead.

Panel 2

{The reporter is now naked outside someones home, visible through a window.}
Reporter: Does your house have windows? Are these windows made of glass? Look how easy it is for me to peer inside.

Panel 3

{The reporter is biting his lip, holding the mic up for a woman to tell her story.}
Woman: It's just so scary to think that people can see through transparent objects. We knew that we could see out, but we didn't realize how easy it was to look in. We're going to move into a cave, where our kids can finally be safe.

Panel 4

{Same as panel 3.}
Reporter: Yeah, if you want them to be eaten by bats.
Woman: What? Bats eat kids?
Reporter: Twenty million kids are eaten by bats every second.

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