Frank is a paranoid, psychopathic Vietnam veteran who now manages game outlet stores.

Appearance Edit

Frank has his very own brown handlebar moustache and has crew-cut hair due to his army past. He wears a white shirt and black tie with a badge saying 'Frank' on it. His pants are grey.

History Edit

In his first apearance, Frank speaks to his employees (Bob being among them) before opening his store, telling them that "to make an omelette, you have to kill a few people". When asked a question, he replies with a non sequitor, telling of his time as an officer in Cambodia, "hopped up on jungle mushrooms" on "the Devil's birthday".

In his next appearace, Frank crucifies some of his customers and places them outside of his store.

He once told Johnathan Gabriel that he gave up one of his legs. He refused to replace Gabe's PSP (which was suffering from dead pixels) unless his plundered youth was restored. He also spent five years in the torture pits of Tranh-nang (direct translation "Picture-capsule," a Vietnamese approximation of the word pixel.)

He owns an M16, which he affectionately calls 'Mabel'. Seemingly, he has it on his person at all times.

On at least two occasions, he has asked for Gabe's pants.

Both times, he has received them. You don't say no to Frank.

On the occasion of a thanksgiving potluck, Frank brought a Cambodian turkey. A Cambodian turkey is a nineteen foot python.

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