Fruit F

Fruit Fucker

Fruit Fucker 2000 is a robotic kitchen appliance in Penny Arcade.

Appearance Edit

The Fruit Fucker is a small mechanoid which has been painted grey. It has a black outline around its eyes that covers its circular structure. There is an antenna on the top with a red dot on it. This straightens out when the Fruit Fucker notices a piece of fruit.

Objective Edit

When a Fruit Fucker notices a piece of fruit, the antenna straightens out and the red bead at the top lights up. He then proceeds to have sex with it, collects the juice and squirts the juice into a glass for someone to drink.

Versions Edit

Tycho and Gabe Edit

Tycho and Gabe's Fruit Fucker 2000 is a particularly horny little droid who often walks around the house fucking fruit and occasionally serving beverages to his masters, which they treat as completely normal activities in their daily lives. He once became fascinated with Brenna as he started to stroke her hair at night. He was lured into a trap and left on a box. He ended up at an island with all the fruit he could ever want.

He escaped from the island and ended up in San Andreas, meeting up with Carl Johnson. He then joined the gang.

The Fruit Fucker managed to get back to Gabe and Tycho's house much later on.

His latest appearance in the comic was in What's Not to Like having just made juice for Tycho's breakfast.

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