Gabriel Gabriel

Gabriel Gabriel is the son of Kara and Johnathan Gabriel and brother of Noah Gabriel.

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Youthful innocence...

Since playing flOw his psychology is somewhat skewed, having eaten the head of a pigeon not soon after playing with it. Several years later he asked his father what the Tooth Fairy does with so many teeth, to which his father replied with a convoluted and confusing plot about teeth being clouds which even he did not understand but surprisingly his son did. Later on his father crudely lied to him about not wanting to pull his tooth out but then proceeded to do so without mercy, replying only by admitting that "daddy lies". Sometime later, little Gabe competed in his first Pokemon trading card tournament, but his father being the highly competitive and obsessive player that he is, was doing all he could to try to not fix his son's deck which he thought was a horrible set. However once the tournament began Gabe couldn't restrain himself anymore and called his wife to bring him his "Dark Deck" as he suspected that a fellow father had altered his son's deck as well. Once Gabe was ready both fathers removed their oblivious personas and moved their sons aside and began a brutal card battle filled with rage, violence and all manner of profanity which shocked, horrified and/or amazed all who witnessed it. The cruel battle ended with Gabe's victory as he chewed part of the man's face off and pushed him off the table, he then stood over all like a proud alpha male. However both children continued to play their simple and civil game as their fathers raged on, only commenting how highly embarrassed they were of their fathers' actions.



An adult Gabriel Gabriel with his elderly fart of a father.

In the future, Gabriel dyes his hair black and will be forced to help his father, Gabe, with the newly installed jacks to fuse with the Core Mind. He ordered the CySurg to install them, but now the jacks are gone.

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