Galahad is a gamer who took part in the 1000 Man Lan.

History Edit

When he took part in the 1000 Man Lan, he defended Annarchy after two boys tried to insult her over her "My Little Pony" case modification. Soon, Annarchy and Galahad reached the final round and faced each other, Galahad lost the round. The two started to go out after Annarchy kissed him. Recently they broke up, as she decided she didn't "Like him, like him", perhaps because of a gap in levels of geekiness and/or fandoms. He then resolved towards winning her back by learning how to speak Klingon.

In the "Dungeon Mistress" arc, he plays a Dungeons and Dragons game alongside Cyn and Bex. The game was hosted by Annarchy, who gave him the Priest character. Galahad tried to tell her that he had always loved her, but Annarchy seemed too focused on the game to acknowledge this, brushing it off as "Rad".

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