Hector is an old golf caddy. He wants the golfers to have a good time, even if it means doing the worst tasks imaginable. He often teams with Johnathan Gabriel, who abuses him most spectacularly.

Appearance Edit

He has grey hair and has nearly grown bald. He wears a striped checkered jumper coloured green and yellow that covers his blue buttoned shirt. He has a black tie.

Personality Edit

Hector was hired by Gabe to be his golf caddy. Due to his nature to make sure golfers have a good time, Hector licked the dirt out of Gabe's shoes first. He then had to suck on a golf ball to remove the pesticides. He then had to cup his hands and allow Gabe to pee in them.

Later, a box was built which is where Hector is punished. He is determined to prove himself so that he does not get placed in there again.

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