The Microsoft Zune: 2006-2006

Cast: Tycho, Gabe

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Tycho is standing next to Gabe, who is sitting in front of his MacBook and iPod.}
Tycho: You're watching the Apple keynote on your MacBook, while you clutch your iPod. Your credit card is out, and at the ready, to purchase the iPhone. What happened to "Macs are for queers"?
Gabe: Macs are awesome, now. You need to catch up.

Panel 2

{Same scene. Tycho raises his arm.}
Tycho: How do you... How do you fucking reconcile that?
Gabe: Easy. I took the Hypocritic Oath.
Tycho: Are you talking about the Hippocratic Oath? Because that's for doctors.

Panel 3

{Same scene. Tycho's arm is no longer raised.}
Gabe: No, I mean the Hypocritic. I'm free to radically alter my beliefs whenever its convenient.
Tycho: Oh, so you're not just some run of the mill ordinary hypocrite.
Gabe: That's right. I take it very seriously.

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