Of Dice And Men

Cast: Tycho, Gabe, Pork

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Panel 1

{Gabe and Tycho are talking.}
Gabe: I think Pork wants to play in my Campaign.
Tycho: No. No go.
Tycho: What are you gonna do when his medicine wears off?

Panel 2

{Pork is pictured crosseyed with a hand and mouth full of dice, a string of drool between the two.}
Tycho: He's going to start packing dice into his cheeks like a squirrel.
Gabe: I thought of that. We're going to play in the afternoon.
Tycho: Safe.

Panel 3

{Same as panel 1. Tycho looks dubious.}
Gabe: He's gonna be great. I've seen him become a completely different person.
Tycho: That's because he has Multiple Personality Disorder.
Gabe: Yeah, well, maybe one of them is an elf.

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