Cast: Boss, Employee, Jim

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Panel 1

{Boss is stood with his hands raised slightly. Employee and Jim are sat at the table.}
Boss: Now that the NDA is up, we're seeing a lot of people out there are unhappy with the D&D Online experience we've delivered. Let's take a look at our key features list, see if we didn't miss something.

Panel 2

{Zoom in to Boss, as he shows the Online Key Features. Employee and Jim are off panel.}
Boss: Alright, dungeons. Where are we at?
Employee: {off panel} They're in, sir.
Boss: Good. Glad to hear it. And dragons?

Panel 3

{Zoom out. Boss lowers his hand. Jim points.}
Boss: Dragons? Come on, guys. Don't tell me we forgot dragons.
Employee: I think... Jim was on Dragons.
Jim: No, no - I was on Dungeons.

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