Big Savings In Every Department

Cast: Leon Kennedy, Merchant

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Leon is entering the shop from the rain. A merchant is stood in front.}
Leon: I need all the guns you've got. Your town is overrun with fucking monsters.
Merchant: Sure, we can do that. How much are you looking to spend?
Leon: Spend?

Panel 2

{Leon closes the door.}
Merchant: I can't just give you guns. Then I'd have to give everybody guns. I'm trying to make a living here.
Leon: I'm trying to continue living.

Panel 3

{Leon pulls out his gun and looks at it, which scares the Merchant.}
Leon: So, maybe you didn't see my coupon. Let's see what it says. Oh, look at that! Everything in the store free, or I fucking kill you. One day only!
Merchant: {shocked} Wow. That's, uh... That's a pretty good coupon.

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