Penny Arcade comic
"Divx KILLS"
Comic no. 10
Character(s) Gabe
Penny Arcade - Year One
January 1999
  1. Myth II Uninstall
  2. Mac Gaming Strip
  3. Divx KILLS
  4. Girlfriends, Tribes, and You
  5. Saving Private ION
  6. BaldurDash
  7. Hangin' with 3DFX
Penny Arcade


Cast: Gabe, Tycho

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Gabe is holding a brown box with Tycho covering his own mouth.}
Gabe: Check it! I nabbed us a Divx player. No more late fees!
Tycho: *Gasp!*

Panel 2

{Tycho tries to defend himself.}
Tycho: Fool! By bringing that into the house, you'll destroy us all! They're in there now... Listening! Don't you know Divx disks are hewn cold from the bones of the stillborn?

Panel 3

{Tycho starts to attack his own teeth.}
Gabe: {worried} You're crazy, aren't you.
Tycho: Get out of my teeth!

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