The Stratagem

Cast: Kevin McCullough

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Kevin McCullough is sitting at a desk facing a computer monitor and holding a mouse. The background is a graphic featuring a rippling American flag with a bald eagle superimposed.}
Kevin: What have I done? I lied. And that makes me a liar. I don't know about video games. Or Mars Effect. "Digital chip age"? "Virtual Orgasmic Rape"? I'm a monster. If there were a prison for writers I would be on death row.

Panel 2

{Kevin's head is tilted forward, eyebrows slightly raised.}
Kevin: Shit on a biscuit. Are these pageviews for real? Pissing off these video game people might be my ticket out of obscurity!

Panel 3

{A web page showing a new article written by Kevin McCullough entitled "Gamers Are Godless Liberal Faggots". A link to leave comments on the article is conspicuously displayed in a large space above the article proper. The counter showing the number of comments reads 1096.}

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