The Pilgrimage, Part Two

Cast: Tycho, Security Guard

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Tycho is going through security at the airport. A security guard has his bag.}
Security Guard: Are you aware that there is a penis in your luggage?
Tycho: I am now. Yes.

Panel 2

{Same as panel 1.}
Security Guard: Do you know why that would be?
Tycho: I think my friend put it in there? He, uh... I said no, but he's going to Hawaii, this week, and he wanted me to take it down with me, um.. I said no. He must have snuck it into my bag. I guess there's a TV down there I'm supposed to rub it on.

Panel 3

{The guard shoves the bag into Tychos hands.}
Security Guard: Son, your life - and the people in it - scare the ever-loving shit out of me.
Tycho: So... Can I go?
Security Guard: I really wish you would.
Tycho: Should i take the...
Security Guard: Please.

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