What Goes Around

Cast: Div, Gabe

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Div is standing on a table with an Apple TV unit. Div and Gabe are pointing at the unit as they converse.}
Div: What the fuck is this?
Gabe: Oh, nothing. Just a little thing called the future.

Panel 2

{Gabe has wrapped his right arm around the Apple TV unit, closed his eyes, and puckered his lips. Div looks shocked.}
Gabe: Amongst other things, Apple TV will allow us to rent movies via - that is to say, from the Internet. <smaller type> And then watch the film within the allotted twenty-four hours or lose the privilege forever.

Panel 3

{Div is standing on the couch looking indignant where Gabe is seated concentrating on something off-panel.}
Div: Didn't somebody cook this shit up nine years ago? Oh, yeah - it was called Divx.
Gabe: Shh! We're watching Ratatouille. And we need to finish it within the next twenty-three hours.

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