Endlessly Oceanic

Cast: Black Mage Fish x 2, Warrior Fish, Rogue Fish, Fish

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Panel 1

{The sea floor. A few blurry tendrils of seaweed are in the foreground. Various fish dressed in Final Fantasy-style garb are swimming about, including one dressed as a Black Mage, one with two daggers and a bandanna (assumedly a Rogue), and another toting a sword. These three are facing a larger orange fish with a sever underbite and a large battleaxe. On the right, a coffin is propped upright by some rocks on the sea bed. It is wrapped in a Nazi swastika flag.}
Caption 1: Endless Ocean is the first chapter of an incredible oceanic FRPG.
Caption 2: Your fish can choose from over forty jobs, including Rogue, Warrior, and Black Mage.
Caption 3: Over a hundred bossfish defy you in the darkness of their deep kingdoms.
Caption 4: And what truly motivates mad Nazi dive financier, Alfred Thorman?

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