Penny Arcade comic
"Saving Private ION"
Comic no. 12
Character(s) Woman
Penny Arcade - Year One
January 1999
  1. Myth II Uninstall
  2. Mac Gaming Strip
  3. Divx KILLS
  4. Girlfriends, Tribes, and You
  5. Saving Private ION
  6. BaldurDash
  7. Hangin' with 3DFX
Penny Arcade

Saving Private ION

Cast: Woman, Tycho, Gabe, Man, Todd, Guy, Dude

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Gabe and Tycho are sat next to two fans at a baseball game.}
Tycho: What the hell is up with ION Storm? These guys spend 900, 000 dollars a month just to disappoint me! Should I feel special?

Panel 2

{Tycho raises the wombat flag. Gabe raises his huge over-grown hand. Fans raise their hands.}
Tycho: You'd think that foosball tables, ritzy offices, and private THX qualified theaters would spur the design process!
Gabe: Well, they're pretty creative guys. They'll think of something.

Panel 3

{Scene change. Todd is behind a counter as two guys are in a queue.}
Todd: Hi, I'm Todd. Welcome to ION CinemaStorm. Ticket, please.

Fun Facts Edit

  • The Wombat logo appears for the first time as a running gag.
  • One of the men in the queue for ION CinemaStorm is wearing Penny Arcade merchandise.
  • The title of the comic is a reference to "Saving Private Ryan".

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