The Recidivist

Cast: Tycho, Gabe

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Tycho is standing next to Gabe with a neutral expression, and Gabe is sitting at a table holding an open soda can. Gabe looks disinterested.}
Gabe: I'll play once or twice a week, tops. Maybe PvP a little bit, see what kind of gear I can get. Meh.

Panel 2

{Some time has passed. Gabe and Tycho are standing facing each other. Gabe looks angry.}
Gabe: We were supposed to run ZF. Where the shit were you? I had to PUG it out at the fucking meeting stone.
Tycho: I was...
Gabe: Shove it up your ass!

Panel 3

{More time has passed. Tycho, looking concerned, is holding a wireless phone, covering the microphone as he talks to Gabe. Gabe is sitting at a desk in front of an iMac and manipulating a mouse with his left hand. His eyes are wide open, intensely focused on the computer, his irises are red, there is stubble on his face, his hair is slightly frazzled.}
Tycho: Yeah, I guess your mom is really sick.
Gabe: Can't. Farming Living Essence Off Tar Lords in Un'Goro. 1.5% drop rate.

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