Further Songs of Sorcelation, Part Four

Cast: Witchalok, Grimm Shado, Wolfoids

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Close up of Witchalok's face.}
Witchalok: It's been a million years since you first stole our Witchalok Blades, banishing us to dark shadows of the Shadowdark.
And now we're back, to get them... back.

Panel 2

{Zoom out to show Witchalok holding two blades.}
Grim Shado: You'll never get them back.
Witchalok: Oh, really. Do you recognize these?
Grim Shado: Witchalok Blades! But that would mean...

Panel 3

{Veiw of Grim Shado with Wolfoids behind him.}
Witchalok: Yes, Grimm Shado. We can make Wolfoids.

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