Die Fantastischen Vier

Cast: Tim Story, Employee

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Tim is leaning over his desk, proping himself up with his hands.}
Tim: Fantastic Four. Alright. Can we film this for twenty dollars? I say yes.
Employee: Sir, we hired Jessica Alba as the Invisible Woman. Her salary alone...

Panel 2

{Tim raises his hands in the air.}
Tim: You hired someone to play the Invisible Woman? Are you fuckers retarded? She's invisible. No-one can see her!
Employee: We also need a lot of CG effects for Mr. Fantastic and The Human Torch. Not to mention The Thing.

Panel 3

{Tim puts a sock puppet on his hand, and shows the puppet to the audience.}
Tim: The Thing? Silly String and orange paint. Human Torch? Bum on fire. Mr. Fantastic? Sock on my hand. HEY GUYS! I'M MR. FANTASTIC! LOOK HOW FUCKING FANTASTIC I AM!

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