The Hook, The Line, And The Sinker

Cast: Dr. Kramstein (Addiction Specialist), Tycho

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{A psychiatrist's office. Dr. Kramstein is sitting holding a pencil to a notepad, and Tycho is supine on a black couch.}
Tycho: Doctor, I've been clean for about a year. You know that. But they've got that Burning Crusade going now, and... You know... I mean... it's Burning, so....

Panel 2

{Same scene. Dr. Kramstein looks down toward Tycho's face. Tycho raises an arm to gesture.}
Dr. Kramstein: So, you bought it.
Tycho: I didn't install it or anything. I just like having it there, you know? In the night. I've still got that Paladin on Dark Iron, I guess, but I don't really miss her. If I can just go a couple weeks, I mean, until the launch dies down.

Panel 3

{Same scene. Tycho's arm is no longer raised.}
Dr. Kramstein: You know they nerfed pallys back in 1.7, right?
Tycho: No shit?
Dr. Kramstein: Uh huh. You should probably just re-roll.

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