On Botany

Cast: Gabe, Tycho, Thomas Kemper

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{Gabe, Tycho and Thomas are floating below a customer review.}
Gabe: Sometimes, people who work at a company infiltrate forums in order to sway public opinion. Take this post about Black, picked up from the EB Games site.
Post: Black is probably the most stunning EA game ever. The visuals are so stunning for the Xbox. Although I love playing online, Black should definitely be focused on an intense single player experience. Black is exactly what I've been looking for. Black #1 shooter of the year for Xbox.
Gabe: Ladies and gentlemen, this person is what we call a plant. "Oh, Black is so wonderful! It's like drinking unicorn giggles!"
Tycho: That's not fair. Maybe he's just some fan.
Gabe: Yeah, a fan of his paycheck. Which says Electronic Arts.

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