Dungeons And Something Else, Part Three

Cast: Tycho, Paul, Mark, Dave, Gabe

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Tycho is sat at the left side of the table, looking evil as he sits behind the Dungeon Master rules. Paul is seen.}
Tycho: The stench of decay is omnipresent in this lair of restless dead. Eldritch symbols gesture darkly at hideous outcomes. Suddenly, creatures borne of ichor emerge and gurgle with malice!

Panel 2

{Paul, Mark and Dave are seen. Only a part of Paul and Dave.}
Paul: {Type One: Coward} I leap into my portable hole, returning only to claim my share of the riches.
Mark: {Type Two: Opportunist} I attack my party, hoping to curry favor with the ichor Slime King.

Panel 3

{Continuation. A part of Dave is seen, mouth covered in cheetos. Gabe is stood and pointing to himself with his thumb.}
Dave: {Type Three: Drama Refugee} I play a soothing tune on my lute. You know, something from the Ichor Top 40.
Gabe: I go home.

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