The Kitchen Of Penny Crocker

Cast: Gabe, Tycho

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Panel 1

{Tycho and Gabe are stood facing the audience. They both have chef hats. Gabe is holding a cutlery tool.}
Gabe: Achtung!
Tycho: So many of you have written in asking how to bake your own "Worthless Return to Castle Wolfenstien Preview".

Panel 2

{Gabe drops his hand. Tycho has flowery oven gloves on.}
Gabe: With no new information, screen shots, or writing ability, you might think it's hard to do.
Tycho: Well Gabe, people do it every day! Today on Penny Crocker, we'll give you the recipe for banal, uninspired sameness.

Panel 3

{Shows the recipe. Gabe and Tycho are at the bottom.}
3-4 Stale Screen Shots (Don't forget your sits logo)
1/2 Cup Ctrl-C
A dash of Ctrl-V (to taste)
Highlight text from the official web site (or other previews!) and press Ctrl-C.
In a new file, press Ctrl-V until you have filled three or more pages. Add screen shots until it looks like every other goddamned preview on the web.
Serves 100,000 page views.
Gabe: MM Boy, I can almost taste it!
Tycho: That's bile.

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