A Large Rock And A Steep Hill

Cast: Dungeons & Dragons Online Producer

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{The bust of a brunette woman (the producer) is seen in front of a Dungeons & Dragons Online background.}
Producer: So that's a quick tour of some of the new content we've got planned. Please check it out! Please.
Producer: Please.

Panel 2

{Same scene. The producer looks frustrated.}
Producer: You don't even like it, do you. You don't even care. We put dragons in! What do you want from us?
Producer: Do you want to play as a dragon? Done! Log in! Make a dragon monk!

Panel 3

{The producer is closer to the viewer, her expression is half-crazed. Her eyes are wide open, pupils dilated, her hands are halfway to her face.}
Producer: Do you want gold? I can push a button and make gold. Bing! There's a billion gold! Bing! There's another mil!
Producer: Oh, you want more? You want more gold? BING!

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